View EA Model Properties

A Sparx EA model consists of views, packages, diagrams and elements. With Prolaborate, you can view, edit, share and collaborate on these EA items.

We will be looking at the following workflows in this user guide:

  1. View Properties of a Model, View or Package
  2. View Properties of a Diagram
  3. View Properties of an Element
  4. Subscribe to a Sparx EA Model
  5. Share a Sparx EA Model

View Properties of a Model, View or Package

When you click on a Sparx EA model, view or a package from a Repository browser, the Overview page opens up.


What can you do from Overview page?

  1. View the Notes of the EA Model, View or Package. If the content is huge, you can even see it in full screen
  2. View the Properties like Author, Alias, Created, Modified date, etc.,
  3. Start a Discussion in the context of the Model, View or Package
  4. See the list of all views, packages, diagrams and elements and their properties as well

We will look at these points in detail in the upcoming section.

Properties Window

Click on Attributes to open the Properties window. You can view all the properties of the Sparx EA Model, View and Package from this window.

To start a discussion, click on Discussions. You will see the discussions which are already ongoing, you can participate in it based on your access permissions.

Thumbnail View

By default, the thumbnail view of the contents will be shown.

What can you do from Thumbnail view?

  1. View the list in Full screen by clicking on the Expand icon
  2. Filter out certain types of items. For example, in the screenshot you can see there are 4 packages and 3 diagrams
  3. Hover over an item and click on View Details to see its Properties
  4. Click on an item to go to its Overview page
  5. Change the view to List view (Details of List view in upcoming section)

List View

When you switch the view to List view, the contents will be show as a list.

What can you do from List view?

  1. Enable Include Sub-Package Artifacts to see all the packages and elements inside this current Model, View or Package
  2. Fill the list by Type of item. For example, you can filter the list to see only UML Class elements
  3. Show or Hide certain Properties. The properties that show up for a stereotype will show up based on its configuration in Modeling Languages. For example, you can remove Alias column
  4. Do a complete Search or from specific Columns. For example, you can search by Author name or search for a text from the whole table
  5. See the list view in full screen
  6. Click on an item to see its Properties
The following screenshot shows the above features in action:
Note: Documentation or Notes cannot be see from the List view. You can see the Notes from the Properties window

View Properties of a Diagram

When you click on an Sparx EA diagram from the Repository browser, the Diagram is shown.


What can you do from a Diagram page?

  1. Show Discussion overlays on the diagram
  2. Show Integrated App overlays on the diagram
  3. Zoom in and Zoom out based on the size of the image
  4. Fit to Screen if the diagram is large
  5. Refresh the Diagram to reflect the made the changes made from Enterprise Architect. Please note this would be needed only when you have Sparx Enterprise Architect and Prolaborate open side by side and you want to see the changes made from Sparx EA in Prolaborate instantly. Otherwise, this is not at all needed.
  6. Show or Hide Discussion count indicators. The number of discussions on an element is shown in the next to every element in a diagram as you can see from the screenshot.
  7. Share the link to the diagram
  8. Double-click on any element to go its Overview page. Double clicking a Composite element will take you to its Overview or Diagram page
  9. Go to the Overview page to see the details of this diagram or to start a Discussion

Diagram Elements

You can click on any element on the Diagram to bring up its Properties window. We will see the details about various tabs in the Properties window in the upcoming section

Diagram Connectors

To see the Properties of connectors on a diagram hover over an element, click on the yellow icon and then click on the Properties icon. You can start a discussion even in the context of a connector by clicking on the Discussions icon.

Note: The properties you see for a connector can be customized from Modeling Languages

View Properties of an Element

Click on an Sparx EA element from the Repository browser to go its Overview page.

The overview page shows various details based on the type of element and its properties.


If you have clicked on a composite element, you will the see its Children.


Elements with Scenarios will show as below:

Class Attributes

Elements with Attributes (For example, UML Class) will show up as below. You can click on any of the Attributes to see its Properties.

You can see Attributes and Operations from the Properties window as well.

Class Operations

Elements with Operations (For example, UML Class) will show up as below. You can click on any of the Operations to see its Properties.


Elements with Constraints will show up as below. You will be able to see the Constraints, and its information like type, status and notes.

Properties Window Tabs

Note: You can configure these Tabs from Menu > Properties Tabs option. By default, only Attributes and Discussions are enabled. So, you need to enable the tabs to see them.


This tab shows all the attributes of an element. It includes Basic, Technology, Inherited, Custom attributes and Tagged values. You can edit them as per your access permissions.


You can start discussions about an element from this tab. Discussions which are started by other users will also be visible. Again, initiating discussions will be based on your access permissions.


Usage gives the list of all diagrams in which an element is being used. For example, in the screenshot we can see the list of all diagrams in which the element Client is being used.


You can trace the relationship of this element with other elements in this tab. You can see the details of connector type and the element to which this element is connected to.

Impact Analysis

You can view the Impact Analysis views which you have created already and create an Impact Analysis view from this tab by clicking on Create New Impact Analysis

Subscribe to a Sparx EA Model

By default, you will be subscribed to all the items in Sparx EA Model. You can unsubscribe from an item if you don’t wish to receive notifications about that item.

Share a Sparx EA Model

You can share the link of Sparx EA Models, Views, Packages, Diagrams and Elements from Prolaborate. It is present next to the subscription icon as in the screenshot above. You get 2 types of links and embed code when you click on Share.

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