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Prolaborate was the missing part of the Sparx Enterprise Architect solution. As I see it, Sparx EA and Prolaborate are like yin and yang, they complement each other very well. Prolaborate makes it possible to work on business processes without having to deal with the technical EA interface. Integration with market leading tools such as JIRA and Confluence makes it a complete solution to support the work of modern analysts and their project teams. Well done Prolaborate Team!

Business Architect

Prolaborate is the greatest game changer in the area of Social Enterprise Architecture. Finally, we have a social portal to share, collaborate, track and approve work developed in Sparx Enterprise Architect(EA) with non-EA users. What a rich combination now using Prolaborate and Enterprise Architect! Good work team, a real Win-Win Story!"

Ramsay Millar
Senior Consultant (INTEGRATE iT)
Ramsay Millar

Many Sparx Enterprise Architect clients have waited for a web interface to access, review and edit Sparx EA models. From what I've seen so far, Prolaborate fulfils these requirements via a nice user interface. What I've particularly liked so far is the enhanced support of installed MDG e.g. to select tagged values to display under an appropriate field name. New feature requests will probably need to be addressed as more projects and clients take this complete Sparx EA + Prolaborate modelling solution.

Guillaume FINANCE
Consultant Enterprise Architect, modélisation
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